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05-12-2018, 23:55   #1
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I've tried a couple of differen't carding methods, e.g. using fullz and later cheap pp acc's to try to chashout via e-codes and even later buying 80+ dollar pp accs with user agent cookies address and co. + custom socks 5 , but I did not yet have THE breakthrough...

SO I'm kindly asking you guys to analyze my opsec, spoofing and cashout method and tell me what the problem is or might be and what I could do to prevent any triggering of paypal's anti fraud algorithms.

I'm buying high quality PP accs and custom socks 5 connections from escrow markets with great product ratings so that should not be the problem if you want to know the vendors and you'd like to help me you may PM me

- I'm running ubuntu on a encrypted ssd in a laptop
- plus a VM virtual box with windows 10
- in the VM i'm running protonVPN with a killswitch
- I regularly clean my PC with CCleaner and co

- first I clear my dns and generate a new mac address
- than I change my timezone to that of my proxy
- than I wipe all browser data with a plugin
- than I connect to the custom socks5 proxy via the browsers proxy settings and of course I still use my vpn to connect to proxy (because i basically tunnel my connection the connection is quite slow but not tooo slow to use it, that's not a problem right ?)
- now I check with for leaks and problems, the anonymity bar is at 100% all the time

Cashout method: ( I've not been able to test it but it sounds good)
- I wan't to transfer more or less the whole pp acc via the withdraw function to a prepaid card
- once the payment is processed you will/schould be able to exchange the usd into btc and withdraw it, I'd withdraw into a btc mixer and once washed I'd buy prepaid visa cards for online pursaches and maybe get some local cashdrops too
- i will replace the cryptopay acc after every "raid" (carding run) because I'd imagine that card number will be on paypals blacklist as soon as the wirst guy notices that his account has been whiped.... also that acc must be verified with fake russian scans and selfies cause russia is the only Country that supports that feature right now ( as far as I know ) but more countries will be added soon

Problem :
- I tried to buy 2 or 3 steam e codes but the payment got reclined
- I tried to send 500 usd to another pp acc and it wanted to call the owner first
- I didn't yet try it with the method above but if paypal want's phone verification something went wrong anyways and it won't work either

- i've not yet tried that method above cause those docs needed are auite expansiv and I want to be sure before I spend 300 usd that it will work... Will it ? what do you think ?
- Is my spoofing method good ? and does pp's algorithm have a ping limit or somthing like that ?
- Will paypal just let you withdraw the whole acc ?
- Will paypal even let you withdraw to offshore prepaid cards ?

Sorry for the long post I just have a lot of questions
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29-12-2018, 21:36   #2
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Did you figure it out yet?
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23-01-2019, 04:15   #3
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Just follow up, how's going?
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paypal, paypal cashing., paypal cashout, paypal credit, paypal spoofing

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