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21-08-2018, 21:31   #21
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Посоветуйте машину для кардера
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11-01-2019, 08:50   #22
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Перезалейте пожалуйста

Originally Posted by Poplavsky View Post
Crd Music - Download (189.53mb)

Часть 1:
01. Я кардер
02. Не болит голова о деньгах
03. К
04. Bestdumps
05. Кардинг-Фрод-Спам-Хип-Хоп
06. Про кардеров
07. Про кардинг
08. Бобби
09. Туса-фрауд
10. Про Джакса
11. Тонны картона
12. Пластик
13. Х.А.К
14. Symlink
15. Кардер (Prod. Berz)
16. Кардеры
17. Unicc
18. В сеть
19. Кардерам
20. Абдулла
21. Вендорсы
22. Компьютерный вор
23. Кардинг
24. Теряли время
25. Утро
26. Провинциал
27. Дроповоды, заливалы
28. (Prod. Berz)
29. No lokers
30. Вор в законе в мире интернета
31. Фрау Фрауд
32. Вериф
34. Работа кардера
35. Грязные дела
36. Hack This Shit
37. Russia
38. Про Джакса (другая версия)
39. Про кардинг (другая версия)

Часть 2:
1. TIER – Интро
2. TIER – Скимер
3. TIER – Следы
4. TIER – Пентагон
5. TIER – Кардинг (Prod. Berz)
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07-02-2019, 07:44   #23
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Dimebag Plugg - cvv , это музыка из новой школы)
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07-02-2019, 08:15   #24
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this new generation is completly stupid and dumb all because of movie and video clip
like for robbers or dealer, who is a criminal and rap???
buy a brain people, they making money make you think they dangerous and with 700 weapons at home, but if is real fed's get them caught
today is the generation facebook, and all you gonna diserve is a big face and people recognition like in china
now they make the 10 year challenge, post a picture of you before 10 year and now, thank you very much for A.I and develloping face recognition technologie like stupid dumb
before A.I cannot recognise dog's or cat, i mean make the difference on video or pictures, today yes and what is strange is that, this type of video or picture are most popular ask you why???
i swear people get more and more retard, stupid, ask for clic and cash and get scammed or caught for something they even dont do.
like 50 cent and other bullshit with weapon on movie and video clip, if they even rob 1 time in they life....
a real criminal dont get on social media or sing about, a singer make money of song and not of criminal, all this rubbish generation lead us directly to the wall
more they wash your brain on social media and on tv, more you think is real, like peder homosexual on all serie and movie like is normal, fucking clothe selling and thing to make man dressed like women...
more you play the dumb and lie to people more they think is real.
Robert de Niro is an actor ok he not rob bank like in the movie he do, he is not a mafia guy or a street guy.
we leave in the age of appearence and of illusion, fuck that way of thinking and doing
people becoming more and more stupid and accepting more and more what was not even thinked to do before few year
like is only scammer making money today
like this guy comin make a record on how carding going, when i was younger if you go talk to police or to journalist you was a fucking rat and nothing else
today is normal making a book and snitch all, make movie playing the star
when we know is not like in movie
really all this gonna finish really bad
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11-02-2019, 10:13   #25
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может кто-нибудь перезалить треки с первого поста?
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