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27-09-2018, 17:55   #21
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Originally Posted by johnciti View Post
I'm a noob lurking but I had to come out and say please no one take this advice LOL
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30-09-2018, 22:28   #22
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first off all like Inferno said to start carding instore you need to invest :

the 3 thing you need in MOST its this :

- good dumps seller
- your own msr its a MOST ( good one msr206 cheap one but make the job msr606 )
- plastic seller like me who will make the work for you to embossed your number and name on the card with high quality pl4stic ... with my pl4stic your work will be more easier and make better profit.

in extra if you want to invest more after making profit you can buy :

- embosser
- hot foil stamping machine ( this will shyne your number , exp date and name on the card )

after buying your embosser and your hot foil stamping machine cr-80
( cr-80 its the credit card size name )

you can buy blank card with the model you want look on my thread to see the model. i have more than 50model on stock.

blanks card will cost you less expensive and you can embossed your self..

if you starting to get big have some team working for you and you have many dumps to embossed you can buy a

- DATA CARD - automatic embosser

good luck
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14-12-2018, 14:25   #23
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Hi, I am from India I need bin that hit good in India......
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10-02-2019, 07:56   #24
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This is really helpful, thank you for sharing Mod
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10-02-2019, 09:04   #25

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Thank you P4lastic i really do appreciate it.
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09-03-2019, 20:20   #26
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Why not use an drop, ask a friend to go and do the transaction for a percent on the reselling of the item. So if it leads back, it will be leading back to youre friend. Which as well wont be having any evidence of any type of activities.
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